Sunday, May 20, 2018

Yes Indeed

Thank you for yet another amazing online sale!! We so appreciate you all and your ever-faithful support!! The offerings will be going out (or already have) over the next couple days and then we begin again creating for our next offering!!

Until next time friends.......Thank you!! May you be blessed 'til your heart overflows....... and may you be a blessing to all around you!!

TTFN friends!!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thank You So Very Much

Thanks so much friends!! Our monthly website update has been going well!! We appreciate you all and are working on preparing all of your goods for shipping soon!! :) For those of you that haven't taken a sec to check out the offerings......there are still a few things available for a few more days!!

Hope your May is going wonderfully and that you are all finding moments to enjoy our spring finally!! Until next time....... may you be blessed.....and "May We Remember"!! :O)

Toodles friends!!

Monday, April 30, 2018


Thank you for stopping by!! 
Welcome to our web update...... "May We Remember"!!

Please.......take a look around by clicking the tab above.....

Feel free to message us with any questions you may have....through messenger or email....

We do hope you enjoy......

Join Us Tonight..... stop over tonight as we celebrate "May We Remember"!!

  • Offerings will be revealed tonight at 9pm eastern and available for order in limited quantities!!
  • They will all be available through May 20th or until maximum quantities sold!!
  • Each item is made to order and will be available for shipping in 2-3 weeks!!
  • Shipping charges apply...... and will be added when you purchase the item through the "Buy Now" button!! Ohio residences will also have tax added (sorry!!)
  • We are humbled and amazed should you purchase multiple items...... but please only 1 of each separate item!!
Thank you all so very much!! We truly appreciate you and your patience while we prepared for our Gathered Treasures show!! We will be doing monthly online sales here and perhaps a few fun pop-up offerings throughout the summer so stay tuned and watch closely!! :O)

Until tonight...... enjoy your day...... and rest your fingers!! :O)


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Spring

Good and glorious morning friends!! It's spring!!!!! By golly do not listen to the weather man....nor look outside tho'!! Just pretend it's sunny and 70*!! :O)

Just wanted to remind y'all.......we are taking an online sales break as we prepare for Spring Gathered Treasures!! Please......plan on coming to the show!! It is an amazing lil slice of prim heaven!! Each vendor brings only the best in handmades and primitives.....surely you will find a bunch of goodies that you absolutely cannot live without!!

We will return May 1st with a brand new website update!! Can't wait to show ya what all we have been preparing both at the show.....and online!! Until then....... be blessed....and be a blessing!!

Toodles friends!!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Oh Bother!!

I have become quite twitter-pated......all afluster!! It is March after all.....and March means spring right???? LOL!!

Our website update got off to a sorta rocky start....and for that I am truly sorry!! I think perhaps my last remaining brain cell is firing quite well this morning though.....and so we should be all good (as long as the coffee holds out that is!! tee hee hee) Thank you kindly for all the messages.....comments....kindness and patience......and of course the purchases!! We love you all so very much!! <3 br="">

Our March into Spring update is up and running...... we are celebrating spring with drab aprons....overdresses and purses!! I mean.....spring equals fresh new grubby goods to everyone right!! :) The aprons and overdresses are all one-of-a-kind buy it now.....only one of each available!! They are complete and ready to ship out!! The purses are each individual......however I will be recreating them for order......please note that fabrics and feedsacks will vary a bit.....but they are all wonderful.....and the perfect way to carry your needs while out and about this spring!! I love small cross-body bags for when I go to mom's or grocery shopping because I wear holds what I need....and yet it's totally out of the way freeing my hands for the fun walk abouts, crafts, and coffee!! :O) The larger bag (purse #3) is awesome when thrifting or flea marketing or at the farmer's can hold a ton comfortably....leaving your hands free to grab more goodies!! :O) Each bag is ready to ship within  2(ish) weeks!!'s snowy and cold......but stay inside where it's always sunny and 70*......and don't forget to make someone giggle today.....with ya or at ya......whichever.....and always always choose joy!!

Until next time.....Toodles!!

****BTW......The website offerings will be available for 2 weeks (ending March 14)....or until maximum quantity sold....shorter due to show prep time!! We will not be doing a website update for April......but will return with a sale mid-month after Gathered Treasures!!*** :O)

Thursday, March 1, 2018


I am so very sorry for the delay.....seems my brain and fingers may be a bit slow tonight!!

Thank you all so very much......and welcome to our March into Spring!! check us out!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Please Join Us.....

Oh my goodness!! Where in the world has the last howevermany weeks gone? I think I blinked and we are on fast forward somehow!! LOL!!

The glorious days of spring are fast approaching.....a little more daylight in the evenings...... a few more bird songs in the mornings!! And as Thumper from Bambi says......everyone is feeling all twitterpated!! tee hee hee!!

Soooooo..... join us as we celebrate "Marching On into Spring" on our website!!

As I suggested on facebook recently.....I am not a seamstress!! My mom taught me how to sew.....and I loved to dabble as a child.....but I could never follow a pattern!! (psych you think this means I don't like to/won't/can't/refuse to follow directions????? Naaaaaaaah that can't be..... hahahahahahaaa!!) I once made a pair of shorts from a pattern and sewed the wrong seams together.....from crotch to waist was about 2".....from crotch to hem was about 47".....and they were probably 3foot wide!! I was/am a weird lookin lady but......prolly not that weird!! you can imagine.....I am no seamstress!! LOL!! However....... I have had some fun things flying around my brain for a while.....and so..... tune in for our update.....and make sure I got a little better!! tee hee hee!!

I am running a little behind...... (insert seam ripper...... I am making up the entire line as I go..... sometimes I sew outside my lines....) and so our new and exclusive line (meaning I may never make these again....each one is completely different.... making it up as I go along) of primitive aprons....overdresses....and purses will be available in very limited supply for order here on our website beginning tomorrow evening.... March 1st at 8pm eastern!!

We do so hope you will join us...... check these out.....and let us know wha'cha think!! I am very excited....and quite nervous to show you all!! I'm praying that there are a whole bunch of ya out there with a crotch measurement of 2"!! hahahahahahaaaaa!!!

Cya tomorrow evening!!


Monday, February 26, 2018

"March"-ing On!!

Goodness me!! It's almost March 1st!!

How does that happen......time moving on so quickly????
If someone could hit the slow-motion button a sec that'd be great!! :O)

Any-which-way......C-ya Thursday with a new website update!!

Until then....... Toodles friends!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thank You!!

Thank you friends for a grand February website sale!! 

We appreciate you all and are already working on a fun March update!! I think it's gonna be a fun one as stay tuned!!

Until next a blessing.....and try to find ways to giggle each and every day!! :O)