Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Hello friends!!

Firstly.....let me start off for those that don't follow us on Facebook.......my dear sweet mom passed away Oct. 24 after a long fought battle!! My family and I spent much of those last 6 weeks with her..... and this explains our absence!!

Because creating comes from the heart for us.......I'm not certain what my return timeline will be.....although slowly......the folks in my head are beginning to speak!! tee hee hee!! Please be patient with this website as we begin again......trying to create a new normal!! For sure we will be back for the first of the year....... if not a little something beforehand!!

Thank you all sooooooo very much for your love and prayers and also your patience as we have put family first over the last coupl'a years!! Family truly is THE most important thing......and I am blessed......grateful.....and forever thankful for every single second I have had with mom!! I cherish each moment...... as well as you all for understanding!!

We truly do look forward to getting back to work.......and bringing you all some brand new treasures!! Until then....... thank you!! Hug on your families....... you will create memories to last a lifetime!!

With much love......
Rick & Stacey

Friday, September 14, 2018

C'mon Over and Join Us

We are having an auction on our sales page this weekend!! C'mon over and check us out!!


Sunday, September 2, 2018

A Huge and "Hearty" Thank You!!!!!!

Thank you sooooooooo very much friends!! 
We are sold out!! 19 items in 45 minutes!! 

You all amaze us......and we are humbled by your support and love and we will continue to work to the very best of our ability to always create for you the very best of us!!

Thank you!! We love you all!!

Until next time......we pray for you all....blessings to overflowing!!


Welcome to Our Sale

Welcome friends!! 
We do so appreciate your time!! 
Thank you kindly for stopping by to peruse our offerings!! 
Please......click on over to the goodies thru the "Our Autumn Gathering" button above!!

All items are complete and ready for shipping!! Each offering is sold buy-it-now.....we will be taking no orders this month so there's no need to wait by the mailbox for your goodies to arrive.....well I mean beyond this week!! tee hee hee!! Offerings will all be sold to the first to complete the purchasing process through the "Buy Now" button below each item!! Offerings will remain available until Tuesday September 4th.....or until they are sold of course!! LOL!! Should any problems arise.....please be patient and know we will always work very hard to make things right!! Any questions please feel free to contact us via messenger or email..... tatteredprims@yahoo.com

Thank you once again!! 
And now......without further ado......go on over why don'cha!! tee hee hee!!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

We Humbly Ask.....

Hello and happy Saturday friends!! Can you believe we have begun September already? Goodness time flies by so quickly!! We do so pray your days are filled with family and fun......and that you haven't melted in this stifling heat!! yikes!! Cool and crisp mornings can't be far.....right??!!

We have prepared for your consideration a gathering of autumn offerings!! We do humbly ask......please join us right here.....tomorrow evening (Sunday Sept 2) at 8pm eastern for "Our Autumn Gathering"!! This will be a buy-it-now type sale......19 ready made...handmade originals offered for your consideration and ready to ship immediately upon your paid invoice!! Please.....do join us!!

Thank you kindly!! We can't wait to show you what we have created especially just for you!! Cya here......cya then!!


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wowee Wow Wow!!

Thank you all sooooooo very much!! This afternoon we sold most of the remaining offerings.....and after posting to our Facebook sales page.....the few remaining Halloween Hangers sold as well!!

Thank you again and again!! We appreciate you all!! Watch for updates on what in the world we may create next!! tee hee hee!!

Until then......be blessed friends!!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Thank You Kindly!!

Good and gloriously Monday friends!! Hope this finds you all well and ready to face another week!!

It's a dreary and damp Monday here this morning!! Not sure of the forecast......we prolly need the rain as we've been getting it 3 drips at a time!! LOL!! Whatever comes......it is well!!

Thank you all so very much for your visits.....considerations....messages....and of course purchases!! We have sold many items to maximum quantities and I have decided to remove them from the site because there are so many items!! (there were 12 items and over 30 options and I was afraid of all the sold signs making it hard to see what was still available!! Thank you cause that's an awesome problem to worry about!!) There are still lots'a wonderful treasures available so do go back through!! ***smile***

We appreciate you all......and look forward to our next adventures in creating!! Until next time.....be blessed!!


Saturday, June 16, 2018

Thank You Kindly

Our June Offerings have all sold!! 
Thank you all so very much!!

 Cya in July!!

Holy Smokes Man!!

You are all totally tubular!! I mean........way above all the rest!! Da bomb AND a bag of chips!! You are just down right....ah-right!! tee hee hee!!

Our website sale for the month is another bang-up success thanks to all you wunnerful folks!! We even added a few more chairs as special order because they were such a hit!! And so once again we scream excitedly...... THANK YOU!!

If you have purchased one of the offerings...... I will be processing everything for shipping this evening and tomorrow and everything will go out first thing Monday morning!! Watch for tracking info as yours is completed!! 

No worries if you are a little late to the game..... there is still one last and final Uncle Sam of 2018!! He is quite a handsome fella too...... and a hanging one to decorate your door for all summer long!! Click on the "June Offerings" tab above to check him out!!

So..... now tattered 'n torn will be working on getting caught up on our last few remaining orders.... and then we are off for a little "sand in every crevice" kinda relaxation!! Watch for the news in case you see me being dragged around by a great white!! You'll all know it's me because....I mean c'mon......everyone can hear my big mouth when I'm calm....can you just imagine!! hahahhahaaa!! Said great white will certainly spit me out quick!! I only hope Fox News and CNN will capture my good-side!! LOL!!

We will return July 15th at 8pm eastern......right here on the website......with a fall teaser!! And....we will most surely be working hard to ensure they will all be pleasers!! So..... until then....please do enjoy your summer and remember..... you are all just super-d-duper and we love ya!!


Stacey & Rick

Friday, June 15, 2018

We Appreciate You

I try to say it often!! 
They are not just words though.....and I repeat it often because I want you to know....... 


Rick and I love what we do.......and we love for whom we do it!!
And so.......thank you oh so very much!!

Welcome to our June Offerings!! 
Can't wait to hear wha'cha think!!

Each offering is ready made...... shipped immediately upon your paid invoice!! 

We do have several of each offering...... we do ask however....please only purchase 1 of each offering!! 

We welcome you to purchase multiple items (meaning we'd love for you to purchase 1 uncle sam, 1 chair and 1 portrait.....however please not all 3 uncle sams!!)  

So with that again I say......Thank you!! 
Sit back.....relax.....and enjoy the show!! :O)



we are available for questions or concerns thru 

messenger on facebook 

or by email    tatteredprims@yahoo.com