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Saturday, December 30, 2017

One Final Tease

Sometimes.....ugly is beautiful!!

 Sometimes.....simple is best!!

  Sometimes..... LOL!!

This is our final teaser....the last time before we show ya what we have been preparing for our inaugural website special order launch!! And we simply cannot wait for you to see!!

Here's the plan......
    * Tomorrow I will be working on the site all day so it may not be visible

      *Sometime tomorrow evening the site will be up and running....loaded with all of our offerings
         I will announce the grand opening here on the well as facebook!!
     *There will be a tab at the top right of the page entitled "January Offerings" where you will find
         the offerings!! My jibberish will continue to be on this welcome page!! (so sorry!! LOL!!)
     *We have 7 items at this point (always subject to grow!! LOL!!) Each item will be offered for
         special order in limited quantities....available all month....or until maximum quantity sold...
         the order will be ready to ship within a 2 week'ish time-frame!!

       *You will make your purchase through a paypal button....shipping charges will be applied

So there ya go!! We are so very excited and do hope you will join us.....and enjoy what we have to offer!! Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!! Until then......we do hope you are enjoying your frigid kinda New Years Eve eve!! Keep warm!!

Toodles!! C-ya soon!!


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