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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Welcome to Our Site

Rick and I have long dreamed of additional ways for which to present our offerings!! We love you all.....and appreciate you standing in line at the shows to visit and shop with us.....and we realize your frustrations when our goodies are we strive to find ways to give you more opportunities to check us out!!

And so......welcome to our website!! Our inaugural sale went quite well last month.....and now 2018 brings on our new special order page!! (insert screams of excitement with a slight tinge of nervousness!! LOL!!)

Welcome!! Welcome!! Welcome!!

Click on the link above entitled....."January's Offerings" to find our goodies!!

Scroll through the offerings....browsing the pictures and write-ups....and if you find something you the "Buy Now" button!! Paypal will take care of the checkout process!!

Should you find multiple items to order.....Please contact us with your order instead of going through the "Buy Now" button so that we may combine shipping!! (I hope I can figure out the shopping cart for February but was afraid to try this month for fear my feeble brain may explode from overload!! Don't's a real thing!! tee hee hee!!)

                                         *     *

Please note each item has a limited quantity!! All items will be available for the entire month.....or until the maximum quantity is sold!! I will work to keep quantities available posted......paypal also will keep inventory (Lord willing and the creek don't rise)....and should not allow quantities above the maximum to be sold!!

These offerings will be made to order......and available for shipping within a 2 week(ish) time-frame!!

Please note.....our items are and always will be handmade each and every time so that even though we are making multiples......each item will be unique and NOT a duplicate!! All items will be as described.....but each will be just a tad bit different because of being handmade instead of duplicated!! :O)

Please allow for any kinks to be worked out this month!! I have been working hard to make things as easy as I can.....and I believe I have it all working well....Fact is tho......until it's up and running....I cannot know for sure!! So please be patient!! My promise to you is that we will always always make it if you have any problems....please just contact us and we will see what we can do to help!! (If by chance every single button is wrong....I may run away from home and/or join the circus sooooo if I don't answer check barnes and bailey!! hahahahahahaaaa!!)

                                               *        *

So yes......welcome!! Welcome!! Welcome!! And.....Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! We appreciate you all and look forward to hearing wha'cha think!! We do hope you enjoy!!

Until we speak again......Happy 2018..... :O)

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