Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Get Into Paradise an Hour Early



Proudly.....we are vendors at the Gathered Treasures productions...both spring and winter!! I believe Carolyn....Julie and Carol provide one of the most bestest primitive and antique showings in Ohio.....with wonderful and unique wares.....at wonderful and affordable prices!!

You our "gathered friends" are so very faithful......lining up soooooo very early in snow and sleet and rain and freezing temps.....even that "one" time it was nice!! LOL!! So here is your opportunity to be rewarded!! Hurry on over to facebook (click on either picture to be taken to the post) and get entered into a drawing......
          ***Two lucky winners will be granted entry
                   into the show ONE HOUR EARLY!!
Additionally.....each winner will be able to bring one friend....so here is your opportunity to be kind to one another!!  No one knows who the winner will be so you don't wanna ruin your chance to be the "plus one" do ya??!!! I'm thinking extra random acts of kindness all around.....you know....just in case!! tee hee hee!! 

Good luck y'all!! If I were choosin'....it'd more more than 2......and it'd be most of you!! hahahahahaaa!! 

Have a grand Tuesday!! Don't forget.....we still have a coupl'a signs left on the website.....for a coupl'a weeks yet!! If you haven't taken time to do so.....check 'em out.....I mean what a better "random act of kindness" would these make???? tee hee hee!!!

TTFN friends!!


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