Friday, June 15, 2018

Be Here or Be Square!!

Cya tonight!! 8pm eastern right here on the website.....we will be celebrating our June Offerings!!

Summertime is such a hurried time of year!! Why not take a few moments.....brew a little iced tea.....and curl up with your laptop and browse our offerings!! :O)

  • Everything is ready made.....set to ship out upon your paid invoice!! 
  • Paypal only please.....purchased by clicking the "Buy Now" button!! 
  • Please only one purchase of each offering until Monday June 18th then anything goes!! :O)
  •  However.....feel free to purchase from each offering (meaning you may purchase 1 Uncle Sam, 1 Chair and 1 portrait......but not 3 uncle sam's!!)
  • Offerings will remain available until maximum quantity sold.......or June 24th!! 

Thank you oh so very much for your considerations once again!! We truly appreciate you all and can't wait to hear wha'cha think!! :O) Please be patient should any problems arise.....please know we will ALWAYS make any issues right to the best of our ability!!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns either through messenger on Facebook or by email:

Thanks friends!! Cya here (click on the "June Offerings" tab at the top) at 8pm eastern!!


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