Sunday, July 8, 2018

All Fall August Y'all

Good and glorious Sunday friends!! We do hope this finds you all enjoying a grand day filled with friends and family and fun!! 
We had a wonderful family time away in the sun and sand!! Oh my goodness the sights.....we saw more animals than one would find in a zoo I'm almost certain!! LOL!! If your family is like ours and enjoys activities rather than simply relaxing on the beach.....we HIGHLY recommend The Neuse River in North Carolina.....and the Croatan National Forest!! It was as if we were in a deserted land.....both forest and water regions....both sooooooo very gorgeous!! We had a blast!!

Sadly tho'.......we returned to a bit of a family emergency!! While we take a moment to help out......we are going to postpone our July website update......and instead include it with our August offerings!! And so....... plan to be here on our website Sunday July 29th at 8pm eastern for a chock full site!! We will be offering both buy-it-now....ready to ship goodies and also some special order goodies which will be available in quantity.....specially made just for you and ready to ship 2 weeks after ordering!! So do please join us for our "All Fall August Y'all!!"!! tee hee hee!!

Thank you all so very much.....for your patience and your love!! Have a continued glorious afternoon.....and enjoy your remaining July sweating!! Cya on the 29th...stop by and say "hay!!"...'cause it's guaranteed to be a real "corny" good time!! hahahahahaaa!!

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