Sunday, July 29, 2018

All Fall August Y'all!!

Welcome to our Fall Review!! (offerings will go live at 8pm eastern tonight!! Access thru the link above)

Once the temperatures turn so warm for so long in the latter summer weeks......our hearts tend to begin yearning for cool and crisp evenings.....and all things fall!! It is in that spirit that we present for your considerations..... our "All Fall August Y'all!!"

We have prepared for your considerations...... a bunch of gorgeousness......offered for you to begin that yearly transformation from sweaty pits to sweatshirts and iced tea to steamy cocoa!! (tee hee hee!!)

Some offerings are ready made, ready to ship, one of a kinds offered as buy-it-now......sold to the first to claim via the "Buy Now" paypal button!! Other items are offered in a specified quantity for special order....ready for shipment within a 2 week period!!

Our offerings are all handmade.......original designs by Rick & I!! Each item is signed and dated...and even with the items we create multiples of.....each item will vary slightly and WILL NOT be a duplicate (cause that's how we roll!! LOL!!)!! Shipping charges do apply as noted.......Paypal only processed at time of purchase!! Items will be available until maximum quantity sold or August 19th!!

If you have questions or concerns feel free to message us via messenger or email!! Should problems arise.....please be patient.....we will ALWAYS always always make things right to the best of our ability!!

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Thank you oh so very much for stopping by.....and checking out our fall preview!! We look forward to hearing wha'cha think!! Until next time......  Happy "All Fall August Y'all"!!

Rick & Stacey

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