Monday, July 30, 2018

Thank You Kindly!!

Good and gloriously Monday friends!! Hope this finds you all well and ready to face another week!!

It's a dreary and damp Monday here this morning!! Not sure of the forecast......we prolly need the rain as we've been getting it 3 drips at a time!! LOL!! Whatever is well!!

Thank you all so very much for your visits.....considerations....messages....and of course purchases!! We have sold many items to maximum quantities and I have decided to remove them from the site because there are so many items!! (there were 12 items and over 30 options and I was afraid of all the sold signs making it hard to see what was still available!! Thank you cause that's an awesome problem to worry about!!) There are still lots'a wonderful treasures available so do go back through!! ***smile***

We appreciate you all......and look forward to our next adventures in creating!! Until next blessed!!


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