Sunday, February 24, 2019

Welcome Back

Whew!! We've had a crazy coupl'a weeks......but boy are we glad to squeak out a little something for y'all!! We were able to finish off 2 more gorgeous lil' additions to The Hare Folk Collection!! And oh my what precious lil' additions they are!! Plus.....a few lil St patty's day goodies too!! Thank you for visiting to check them out!!

As we have planned......this will be our final offerings as we prepare for our upcoming Gathered Treasures show on April 13!! We are soooooo excited to be back to the show world.....we miss getting to see and chat with you all....and can't wait to show you what all we've been creating!! Mark your calendars and make sure and stop by!! :O)

For all our long-distance friends.....we will return for a big birthday party sale in May when I turn.....gulp......35 1/2 (50 really but shut up!! way!! gaaaaaah!!)

There ya have it!!! Thank you so very much friends!! We truly do appreciate you all and can't wait to see ya for each and every showing!! Big hugs.....big smoochees......and big thanks!! :O)

Cya at 8pm eastern tonite!!
Stacey & Rick

****The sale is accessed by clicking the tab above labeled "Feb 24 web-sale" (also on top of the right side column!!!)

****If you are on a the home tab which will give you the option to toggle to the sale tab!!

If you have any questions feel free to message us through Facebook or email.....


tattered 'n torn prims said...

I cannot access blogger to note cancelled!! We have no electricity and now no internet!! Sorry for any inconveniences!!

Michele said...

I want Frannie, can I write you a check?

Michele said...

I want Frannie, can I write you a check?