Monday, December 9, 2019

Thank You

Good and glorious Monday morning friends!! Wow!! Y'all are amazing and never cease to blow our socks off!! Thank you!! We appreciate each one of you!!

So........ this has been the sale from hell!! LOL!! What a crazy and frustrating little journey we shared right??!! I am truly sorry for all of your frustrations!! I continue to be baffled by what the issues were (are)..... and PayPal is less then helpful!! Until these issues are resolved....... we will not be doing online sales..... for fear I pick up the entire computer and chuck it out the window!! tee hee hee!!

We have 3 pine cone trees remaining!! That is amazing!! We will continue to offer them until sold or 8pm eastern this evening!!

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Rick and I are humbled and thankful and blessed beyond measure!!

Merry Christmas friends!!

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